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The Spell Caster Technique

The Spell Caster technique is a system for enhancing people's emotional response to music. It is based on a form of Universal energy used in Natural Healing, that can affect people on an emotional level. This energy, known as Sekhem, has the ability to help people connect more deeply with their own emotions and also to help release emotions from the past that are held within.

In true magical style, Sekhem energy comes from an infinite source and manifests as required. This defies scientific explanation and can only be understood through direct experience. For more information about Sekhem, please click here.

The Spell Caster technique can integrate Sekhem energy into a piece of music, in such a way that when a person listens to that music, the energy and the music combine together, in order to be able to simultaneously affect the listener on an emotional level. The energy has a tendency to add sweetness, warmth and extra life to the feel of the sound. Sekhem can bring a little something extra to a piece of music, in a way that goes beyond conventional sound engineering. A magical chemistry between sound and energy...



The result is that the listener's emotional experience of the music, and their emotional response to the music, can potentially be magically enhanced by an invisible and mysterious power. Thus, the technique effectively "casts a spell" on the piece of music.

Sekhem energy automatically adjusts itself to the needs of the receiver at the time. This means that the Spell Caster effect may influence one person's perception of a particular piece of music in one way, and another person's perception of the same piece of music in a different way.


Sekhem Energy


This technique has been developed by Peter Chapman, after 27 years of working with Natural Healing energies such as Sekhem. Peter was inspired by the fact that both music and Sekhem have the ability to affect people's emotions in powerful ways. Music and working with Natural Healing energy are Peter's two passions in life. It became his vision and dream to find a way to combine these two powerful tools and get them to work together to benefit people on an emotional level. With time and persistence, Peter eventually developed a method and system that achieved this goal and he named it the Spell Caster technique.


Musicians, Singers and Music Producers

If you are a musician, singer or music producer, the Spell Caster technique can be applied to your recordings to enhance the way your audience responds to your music and vocals. A free system (lite version) is currently available for doing this, as well as other more advanced options. See below for details.


Meditation Music

As well as helping to enhance people's emotional response to music, Sekhem can also assist with meditation. The technique can be used to infuse meditation music with Sekhem, in such a way that when a person is meditating to the music, the Sekhem energy can support them in their meditation process and enhance their experiences during meditation.


Musical Instruments

The Spell Caster technique can also be used to integrate the Sekhem energy into a musical instrument, in such a way that when a person listens to that instrument being played, the same effect is created. The energy and music combine together, in order to be able to simultaneously affect the listener on an emotional level... thus enhancing and intensifying their emotional response to the music.

Once a musical instrument has had the Sekhem energy integrated into it, it then effectively becomes a magical instrument and is affectionately known as a Spell Caster itself. When a Spell Caster instrument is being played, the enhanced emotional response effect also applies to the musician playing the instrument, as they listen to the music they are playing.

In the case of a musician playing a Spell Caster instrument, the Sekhem energy can also have additional beneficial effects on them. Sekhem can help a person tap into their own creative abilities. It can also increase a person's ability to receive Divine Inspiration.

Therefore... by helping to bring about an increased connection with one's own emotions, an enhanced emotional response to music, an increased ability to tap into one's own creative abilities and an increased ability to receive Divine Inspiration... a Spell Caster instrument has the potential to magically help develop and enhance a musician's ability to compose original, inspired and moving music.


An instrument can be transformed into a magical Spell Caster


The Sekhem energy has the ability to help heighten a listener's sense and awareness of the quality and feel of a piece music. In the case of a musician playing a Spell Caster instrument, this can help to heighten the musician's sense and awareness of the quality and feel of the music they are playing and the sounds they are producing. This can inspire and motivate them to improve their playing ability, with an emphasis on feeling and quality of sound.

Therefore, a Spell Caster instrument can potentially help a musician become a better player as well as a better composer.



Recorded Music

There are 3 forms of implementation available for applying the Spell Caster technique to your recordings:

Spell Caster Professional Processing
- $50 Australian per track

Applies the Professional version of the Spell Caster effect to the music. This is something that would normally be done to a final mix, as a step during the mastering process. Invokes the Professional Version Sekhem Energy Module.

* It is recommended that you experiment with the free Lite Version (below) before deciding to go with Professional Processing.

Spell Caster Lite Version - Free

Downloadable system, works with any major DAW (eg. Ableton Live, Pro Tools). Also works with other simpler audio software products, such as Garageband (free, Mac only) or Audacity (free, Mac or PC). Enables you to apply the Spell Caster effect to an unlimited number of recordings. Invokes the Lite Version Sekhem Energy Module.

The Lite Version employs the same technique as is used in Professional Processing but the energy effect is milder. Even though the Lite Version is less powerful than Professional Processing, it can still bring about valuable enhancements to the way your audience experiences your music.

Spell Caster Custom Shop - Pricing available upon request

In order to achieve the best results possible, your recordings can be processed by the Spell Caster Custom Shop, using advanced techniques and powerful Sekhem energy formulas that will be tailored to suit each individual piece of music.

* Please note that some people may be insensitive to the energy and may not notice any effect at all from this system. Others may notice varying degrees of the effect.




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