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The Spell Caster Technique

The Spell Caster Technique is a system for enhancing people's emotional response to music and also for creating therapeutic music for healing purposes. It is based on a form of Universal Energy used in Natural Healing, that can affect people on an emotional and psychological level. This energy, known as Sekhem, has the ability to help people connect more deeply with their own emotions and tap into emotions from the past that are held within.

The Spell Caster Technique integrates Sekhem energy into a piece of music, in such a way that when a person listens to the music, the energy and the music combine together to affect the listener on an emotional level. A magical chemistry between sound and energy... that can alter and enhance the listener's perception and also make the music itself sound and feel more pleasing. This technique has a tendency to deepen the listener's connection with the music.

Sekhem energy automatically adjusts itself to the needs of the receiver at the time. This means that the Spell Caster effect may influence one person's perception of a piece of music in one way, and another person's perception of the same piece of music in a different way. Therefore, this technique effectively casts a spell on a piece of music, enabling it to magically and automatically tailor itself to each individual listener.

In true magical style, Sekhem energy comes from an infinite source and manifests as required. This defies scientific explanation and can only be understood through direct experience. For more information about Sekhem, please click here.


Sekhem Energy


The Spell Caster Technique has been developed in Australia by Peter Chapman, after 30 years of working with Sekhem and other Natural Healing energies. Peter is also a musician and was inspired by the fact that both music and Sekhem have the ability to affect people's emotions in powerful ways. It became his vision to find a way to combine these two powerful tools and get them to work together to benefit people on an emotional level.


Creating Therapeutic Music for Healing

The Spell Caster Technique can be used to infuse Sekhem Healing Energy into music, so that music can be used as a vehicle for delivering healing energy for therapeutic purposes. Sekhem heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Once a piece of music has been infused with Sekhem Energy, a person can relax and listen to that music and the energy will come to them and work on them as they hear the music. This will result in a mild form of energy healing treatment.

It is possible for someone to develop a permanent connection with the energy though listening to Sekhem infused music. There is no limit to the number of times the energy can be received from the same piece of music - every time the music is played, the energy will be available.

Alternatively, if you are performing some kind of treatment on someone yourself, eg. giving someone a Crystal Healing or Reiki, you can play the Sekhem infused piece of music while giving the treatment. The energy will come to the person you are giving the treatment to, as they hear the music, and the result will be that the energy will enhance the effects of your treatment.

Peter is currently offering to make free professional version examples of Therapeutic Healing Music created in this way (using music of your choice, eg. 30 minutes of relaxation music). To request a free example, please contact Peter. See contact details at the bottom of this page.


Musicians, Singers and Music Producers

If you are a musician, singer or music producer, the Spell Caster Technique can be applied to your recordings to enhance the way your audience responds to your music and vocals. A free system (lite version) is currently available for doing this, as well as a professional service. See below for details.

Music Producers and Mix Engineers, please note that the Spell Caster Technique can also add glue and analog warmth to a mix, in a pleasing, magical and unexplainable way.


Meditation Music

As well as the benefits mentioned above, Sekhem can also enhance meditation. The Spell Caster Technique can be used to infuse meditation music with Sekhem. Then when a person is listening to the music while meditating, the Sekhem energy can support them in their meditation process and enhance their experiences during meditation.

Recorded Music

There are 2 options for applying the Spell Caster Technique to your recordings:

Spell Caster Lite Version - Free

A downloadable system that works with any major DAW (eg. Ableton Live, Pro Tools). Also works with other simpler audio processing software products, such as Garageband and Audacity. (Garageband is free and runs on Mac only. Audacity is also free and runs on Mac or PC.)

The Lite Version invokes the Lite Version Sekhem Energy Module and enables you to apply the Spell Caster Technique to an unlimited number of recordings. You can also use this system to enhance tracks from your own personal music collection, for your own personal benefit.

The Lite Version employs the same technique as is used in Professional Processing (below) but the effect is milder. Even though the Lite Version is less powerful than Professional Processing, it can still bring about valuable enhancements to the way your audience experiences your music.

To download the manual for the free
Spell Caster Lite Version, please
click here.


Spell Caster Professional Processing - $20 Australian per track

The Spell Caster Audio Professional Processing service will apply the Professional Version of the Spell Caster Technique to your music. Professional Processing invokes the Professional Version Sekhem Energy Module.

You can experiment with the free Lite Version before deciding to go with Professional Processing.


The Spell Caster Referral Program

Refer one new person to The Spell Caster Technique and both you and the new person will be entitled to Professional Processing of one track each for free. (The referred person must be genuinely interested.) This offer is available to the same person multiple times.

The Referral Program may only run for a limited time, depending on how much extra work it takes to maintain it.

* Please note that some people may be insensitive to the Sekhem energy and may not notice any effect at all from this system. Others may notice varying degrees of the effect.


Before and After Comparison Demo

Below is a "Before and After comparison demonstration" of a piece of music, firstly in its original state - before the Spell Caster Effect (Sekhem energy) has been applied - and then the same piece of music after the Spell Caster Effect has been applied. You may notice a difference between these two versions, in the sound of the music and/or in the feeling of the music. Please note that not everyone will notice a difference.













If you like this piece of music (above), you can download the "After" Spell Caster version of it for free, in high quality MP3 format (320 kbps, 14.8 MB), by clicking the link below. Once you click the link, the download should begin automatically.

Download "Let's Mingle" by Peter Chapman: click here.




For enquiries, please contact Peter Chapman at:




Peter Chapman
Developer of the Spell Caster Technique




Melbourne Australia



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